KaNodHome Games

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KaNodHime Games doesn't collect any personal information and doesn't share it with third parties. Hence the game is COPPA-compliant.

KaNodHime Games doesn't require any extra permissions when installing the game so we can't collect any personal data and don't want to.

KaNodHime Games contains no in-app purchases and no advertisements.

When you use our website (http://kanodhome.pp.ua), the following cookies can be stored at your computer: Google Analytics and YouTube cookies. We use them to analyze the use of this website. Cookies don't contain any personal information. You can get more information here: http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html.

KaNodHime Games contains following web links: to our website; to game's page in app store; to game's Twitter page, Facebook group and YouTube channel.

KaNodHime Games is fully functional offline. When Internet connection is available the game can download the latest localization file from our server and posible send anonymous usage analytics to 3rd party service.

If you have any questions about your privacy feel free to contact us at kanodhome@gmail.com.